Pet Care West Essex & East London



I love animals and I'm happy to report they seem to love me too.   I'm a lifelong owner of cats and dogs and have been caring for them professionally for 4 years.

I'm interested in understanding their behaviours, Barbara Woodhouse I am not but I encourage the dogs that I walk to have good manners and behave appropriately when in a group environment. I like to explore the many green spaces we are lucky enough to have locally and your dog will get a good, energetic walk while exploring these with me.  I offer fun group walks of up to 6 dogs at a time, or for the more needy or frail we walk solo and take it a little slower. If you are a new puppy owner my caring nature and basic training might be just what you require to settle them into a routine. I can visit daily to feed, play, train and start them on short walks when they are ready. If you're off on holiday (lucky so and so's!) then I'm available to come and feed your kitty, this way, they get to stay in their familiar surroundings and look after the house while you're away and I'll come every day to feed them, play, empty out the litter tray, bring in the post and anything else you need to ensure peace of mind while you're away.

Interesting, varied walks

I have extensive knowledge of the best dog walks, some you might know, others are my special treat to your dog

  • Hainault Country Park and Forest
  • Epping Forest (Loughton, Woodford)
  • Chingford Plain
  • Highams Park & Lake
  • Fairlop Waters Country Park
  • Wanstead Park & Wanstead Flats
  • High Beech
  • Pole Hill, Chingford
  • Gunpowder Park, Waltham Abbey
  • Jubilee Park, Leyton
  • Hainault Recreation Ground


  • "Sam was great.  Everything went really smoothly and she kept us updated on how Andrzej was getting on. Highly recommended"  Eleanor E17 
  • Sam has been walking Frank for nearly a year now. He absolutely loves her and all of his furry mates she introduces him to. I cannot recommend Sam enough, I trust her 100% and couldn’t imagine leaving Frank with anyone else! I‘d be lost without her. Thank you Sam xx Kelly E4
  • “Sam has been looking after our precious king Charles cavalier Tiba for almost one year now, Tiba loves her. Sam has our house keys and has never let us down. Tiba absolutely adores Sam and always give her a big welcome .  We are very lucky to have you Sam!” Roberta IG7
  • "Sadie looked like she had loads of fun with Sam!  Great pictures and she seemed to take to Sam straight away! I would definitely call on Sam again x"  Dawn IG10
  • "Sam is a fantastic cat sitter. I will definitely book her again in the future. Thank you for looking after Margot"  Rozy E17
  • "Ollie really enjoys his walks with Sam"  Steven IG8
  • "I can't recommend this local dog walker highly enough!!  Ralph is the happiest mutt in town, Sam is just fantastic x"  Carly E4
  • "Sam has been great. Reliable and accommodating, and Luca is worn out when we get home. The photos Sam sends after each walk are great too" John IG8
  • "Thanks for all your good work with Duchess we have noticed a big difference" Alf IG2


Q:  How many dogs do you walk in a group?

A:  Up to 6

Q:  Do you walk dogs off lead?

A:  Only if they are allowed off lead by their owners

Q:  What if my dog doesn't get along in a group?

A:  No problem, I offer solo walks also

Q: Do you 'pick up the poo?'

A:  Yes of course, no one likes a litter bug!

Q:  My cat is diabetic, can you administer insulin?

A:  Absolutely, my visits will be approximately 12 hours apart

Q:  I have a new puppy, what should I do?

A:  I can visit them everyday to help settle them into a routine, encourage good behaviour and establish basic training

Q:  How much notice do you need to book a walk?

A:  I try to be as flexible as possible but 48 hours is probably best

Q:  My dog has been attacked before, I don't like the thought of a group walk.

A:  That's fine, I have experience with nervous dogs and I would never put them with a group if they're not absolutely comfortable

Q:  Could you sit with my puppy while I'm at work?

A:  Yes, I offer Specialty Pup Sits, they last for an hour and will provide your new pup with company, stimulation and basic training.  If you require 2 visits this can be arranged

Q: I'm going on holiday and don't want to put my cat in the cattery

A: That's understandable and that's why I offer a Cat Sit Service.  Your kitty gets to stay in the comfort of your home as usual and I will visit every day to feed them, freshen water, empty the litter tray and dispose of mess in outdoor bin and of course lots of fuss & affection for kitty