Let's talk about pets...

How it started...

I'm a life long dog lover and was a stay at home mum. The kids nagged me to get a puppy, after lots of research we came across our gorgeous Woody, he's a Puggle - you'll see him around - he's the one with the curly tail! 

I caught the 'dog bug' and decided to walk other people's dogs too! One became two and two became more and Sam Walks 4u was born!


I live in Chigwell and cover a fairly wide area of East London and West Essex.


We can't always commit as much time to our pets as we'd like. My clients work full time, work from home, have disabilities or just don't have the time so I provide the company and exercise their dogs need during the day. 

Your pet may need a Vet or Grooming visit I can provide the transport for that too.

At holiday times it can be distressing for your kitty to be left at the cattery, I provide daily visits to care for them in your home while you are away.